Walls 2021 Athlete Recommendations

An athlete who is nominated to SportsAid is recognised as showing the right aptitude, attitude, and talent to develop and progress in their chosen sport. The commitment and passion needed to achieve this status is substantial. The role of the family and caregivers, as well as the determination of the athlete, is not underestimated.

Athletes are nominated by their own sport’s national governing body (NGB) through a robust talent identification process, with many young athletes having already represented Great Britain or their Home Nation (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) at an age group level and are ranked amongst the most talented within their disciplines. This criteria is consistently applied by the NGBs, year on year, to ensure a robust and repeatable nomination process, considering both future potential as well as recent performance. SportsAid’s role is to help the NGBs in supporting athletes through their developmental process and as a steppingstone onto the next levels of their performance journey.

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