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It’s time to plan your shopping and that of course means feeding the family. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a weekend family get together, there’s a delicious Wall’s Pastry product that will hit the spot every time.

What can Dad have to get him through his working day?  The kids’ lunch boxes need something satisfying? And Mum – it will be a snack on the run today – but what?  Dinner for the family – something quick and simple is needed on a busy evening!

Wall’s Pastry has the solution to feed even the most demanding of families! A delicious Breakfast Twist should set Dad up nicely, a sharing pack of sausage rolls will keep the kids going through school; while Mum can enjoy a tasty Chicken and Mushroom slice between appointments and not forgetting our tasty hot pies and Cornish Pasty which make a great quick and easy mid-week dinner.

When Wall’s started making their pies at St James’s Market in London in 1786, little did Richard Wall know he would become Pork Butcher to the Prince of Wales. Belief in the quality and his commitment to provide the finest quality pies, he set the high standards to which all Wall’s Pastry products reach and which have been enjoyed by generations ever since. Our range of great tasting savoury pastries, free from artificial colouring and flavouring are baked to guarantee your family’s satisfaction every time.

What makes Wall’s wonderful?

On the outside

Famous for all our pastry products, we ensure that the recipe used for our great tasting puff pastry has been layered 64 times before we even start to put our tasty fillings inside. This ensures we produce the lightest, crispiest, golden puff pastry when baked.

On the inside

Our pies, pasties and slices are created using the best quality meat and vegetables, with the finest ingredients being added to make our mouth-watering sauces.  Not forgetting our range of sausage rolls, from snack size to jumbo! All our sausage rolls are made with delicious pork sausage meat, unique Wall’s seasoning and wrapped in a delicious pastry casing.

All of this is what makes Wall’s wonderful.  And we won’t stop there. Our talented chefs are constantly creating new flavours and something with a “twist” as we understand that families and tastes change. Our quality will never change and we guarantee the great taste of Wall’s Pastry will keep everyone happy.

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keep up to date with wall’s pastry


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What Makes Us Wonderful?

Inside and Out!

At Wall’s, we’re famous for our pastry because we only use the best. Ours is layered 64 times. It’s a recipe which ensures the lightest, crispiest, golden puff pastry this side of anywhere.

It goes without saying that our pies, pasties and slices are made using the best quality meat and vegetables, with the finest ingredients being added to make our mouth-watering sauces. We’re proud to use only the best, great tasting meat and all our great tasting savouries are guaranteed to be free from all artificial colourings and flavourings.

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