Fang-tastic Halloween games and snacks

19th October 2021

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays of the year and the perfect time to get creative with your snacks and play some ghoulish games. Our snacks are super speedy to prepare and can be eaten hot or cold, making them ideal to indulge in before the trick-or-treat rush.

Whether you’re looking to create a gruesome buffet table, for all your fancy-dressed guests to enjoy, or celebrate the spooky season with Halloween-inspired games, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can get stuck in with the festivities.

Frightening fun

Create some Halloween fun with apple bobbing, it’s perfect for all ages. Simply fill a large container with water and place your apples in – if you have two large containers, two players can compete against each other at once. No arms or hands are allowed, only teeth! Set the timers and GO! The person who can bite the most apples and throw them out of the containers wins.

If you’re hosting a party this spooky season, toilet paper mummy is as fun as it is messy. Buy some extra toilet paper rolls and keep them spare. Four players are needed – two teams of two. Give them a roll of toilet paper each and the person who can turn their teammate into a mummy first, wins!

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Spook-tacular snacks

Get stuck in and try and re-create these Halloween sausage mummies. They’re ideal for kids and make a great centerpiece for a spooky table, add homemade ketchup to try replicate bloody fingers.

Turn our Cheese and Onion Quiche is a gruesome Halloween treat by recreating a pumpkin on the surface of the quiche and topping it with a tangy tomato sauce. It’s great fun for all the family and there’s plenty to go around.

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If you have any spooky snack ideas using sausage rolls, get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You can buy our selection of sausage rolls from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience stores around the UK.

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