Mouth-watering snacks to enjoy throughout the Paralympic Games

18th August 2021

This summer has produced some historic sporting wins for the UK – from the Euros, Olympics, Rugby League and now the Paralympics – 2021 has not been short of emotion. Feelings of patriotism have run deeply throughout summer, followed by the nostalgia as we reminisce about Britain’s many past achievements. The Paralympic games, no doubt, will give us the same stupendous feeling. So, we have put together a list of scrumptious snacks to indulge in whilst you watch the magic from the side-lines.

Snacks to warm up with

The Paralympic champions would not be on their best form without a heart-pumping warm up. Stretching, jumping, and jogging are all perfect warm-ups and play a key part in preparing for an athlete’s performance, along with ensuring they fuel up with some tasty food. Join in the fun and warm up your muscles, and your stomach, with some of our tasty snacks.

Wall’s Pastry Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Stop for a snack

The best time for an impromptu snack is during the advert breaks. A quick dash to the kitchen for a light bite in the middle of the action means ready-to-eat snacks are a must – enjoy one of our savoury slices in-between the action. They can be eaten hot or cold and are ready to enjoy in minutes. Make sure you get your fill and try the flavours below to see which one tantalises your tastebuds.

Enjoy some Paralympic Games snacks with Wall’s Pastry

Image credit: International Paralympic Committee

Snacks to cool down with

When the action has ended and the evening begins to wind down, there is no better time to enjoy a snack and reminisce on the day’s gold-medal achievements. Try some of our smaller snacks to tide you over till dawn, when the fun starts all over again.

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keep up to date with wall’s pastry


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