New year, new you: Healthier swaps to try this January

22nd January 2021

After a Christmas of bountiful buffets, delicious dinners, and tucking into your favourite tin of chocolates , many of us see January as a chance to make some lifestyle swaps to help us feel healthier and happier.  

With lockdown still in full force , it’s the perfect opportunity to make time for your daily exercise and take advantage of your local green areas – a nice winter walk is a perfect way  to switch off for a moment of mindfulness.  We’ve put together a selection of our favourite tips to keep active and unwind, as well as some of our tasty healthier snacks to givyou a helping hand 

Take a walk on the wild side  

We may not be able to venture far at the moment, but there’s still plenty of beautiful places you can explore right on your doorstep. Walking is proven to benefit your mental and physical health and boost your mood. Come rain or shine, it’s a good idea to try and get out at least once a day if you can! 

If you’re not sure where to go or have exhausted all your local walks, there are some great tools to help you find local parks and nature reserves. Just enter your postcode and you’ll find great suggestions of places you can visit just a stone’s throw away from your door – try GOV.UK or Free Parks to find beautiful green spaces near you. 

Walking in the park

Close to home 

There are plenty of ways to switch off and have a bit of ‘me time’ without needing to leave the comfort of your home. 

  • Boost your mental wellbeing with an online yoga or meditation session. Apps like Headspace and Down Dog make relaxation simple with guided practices to help soothe your mind 
  • If you’ve got a garden, balcony or window box, give gardening a goIt’s a great way to keep active around your home as well as make your living space look lovely. Check out this beginner’s guide to gardening for some tips on how to get started 

Healthier snacking  

Fancy giving a vegan lifestyle a go? There are plenty of plant-based alternatives, so you can still enjoy the taste and texture of classic British snacks. 

  • Look no further than our delicious Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Snack Rolls with their mouth-watering pulled porklike texture and hickorysmoked BBQ sauce 
  • For a more traditional alternative to sausage rolls, these Vegan Snack Rolls are perfect. They make a great healthier swap for classic sausage rolls without compromising on flavour

Wall’s Pastry Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Snack Rolls

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You can buy our savoury snacks at selected Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK.   

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