Slices Rolled Out in Nisa

28th November 2016

steak-sliceWell, the saying goes ‘you wait for a bus and two come along at once…’ and we’re pleased to say that we have some more exciting news on where you can buy our delicious products!

Our range of scrumptious slices can now be picked up and popped in your basket at well-known local store Nisa!

So, whether you need a quick bite to eat to curb that lunch time hunger whilst you’re busy and on the go, or if you’re simply looking for something tasty to feed the family with for that hearty evening meal; look no further than our slices!

From our Chicken and Bacon slice, that’s right chicken AND bacon, to our Peppered Steak Slice which is filled with tender pieces of steak and onions in a delicious pepper sauce and not forgetting our Ham and Cheese, Chicken and Mushroom and Chicken Tikka slices, there really is something for everyone! And here is a little inside tip from us to you; they go really well with steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes or even, for that extra special treat, chips and baked beans!



keep up to date with wall’s pastry

keep up to date with wall’s pastry


What Makes Us Wonderful?

Inside and Out!

At Wall’s, we’re famous for our pastry because we only use the best. Ours is layered 64 times. It’s a recipe which ensures the lightest, crispiest, golden puff pastry this side of anywhere.

It goes without saying that our pies, pasties and slices are made using the best quality meat and vegetables, with the finest ingredients being added to make our mouth-watering sauces. We’re proud to use only the best, great tasting meat and all our great tasting savouries are guaranteed to be free from all artificial colourings and flavourings.

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