Spooktacular sausage rolls for Halloween parties

30th October 2019

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays of the year and sausage rolls are the perfect snack for a spooktacular party. They’re super easy to prepare whilst the kids are out trick or treating and there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a comforting, warm sausage roll.

Our range of sausage rolls are affordable and convenient – just heat until piping hot and serve with kids’ classics such as tomato sauce or baked beans.

Halloween sausage rolls are perfect appetizers for the last-minute rush before the trick or treaters arrive and they’re an ideal party food to get a balance of sweet and savoury before the traditional mountain of sugary snacks descends on the doorstep.

Wall’s Pastry’s cocktail, snack and mini sausage rolls are great for an old-fashioned British buffet on All Hallows’ Eve and don’t forget our new range of vegan snack and jumbo rolls to cater for Halloween sausage rollsthose who are reducing their meat consumption over the festive period.

If you want to make your sausage rolls a little spookier, we’ve got some tried and tested ideas for those who want to get creative with their Halloween snacks:

  • Decorate your sausage rolls with olives for eyes and cut the bottoms off, making jagged edges so that they look like little pastry ghost
  • Make your own sausage rolls at home and wrap your sausages in pastry like a sausage roll mummy. We love My Fussy Eater’s recipe of sausage mummies with edible eyes!
  • Dip your sausage roll ends in tomato ketchup so that they look a lot like severed bloody fingers.

If you have any terrifying treat ideas using sausage rolls, get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

You can buy our selection of sausage rolls from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK.

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