Take a look back at our April Fools’ ‘Off the Wall’s’ range

5th April 2022

With April Fools’ being known as the only day in the year consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes, Wall’s Pastry exposed its joker side this year with an all ‘new’ product range leaving the nation in hysterics. 

Taking centre stage in publications on the day, Wall’s Pastry certainly tricked the nation by inventing some of the most bizarre savoury snacks you could imagine! Perfect for those that were looking for a little laughter, Wall’s Pastry turned some of its favourite sweet treats into savoury staples. 

But are they here to stay?  

Wall’s Pastry says April Fool’s with new ‘Off the Wall’s’ product range

Rise and shine, it’s sausage roll time 

It might seem surreal, but this cereal was every sausage roll lover’s dream dish! Based on Wall’s Pastry’s 16pk Mini Pork Sausage Rolls, breakfast would never be the same again, with a sausage-roll-flavoured cereal to tickle your taste buds.  

Described as “the perfect way to start your day”, breakfast is a meal not to be missed… and we wanted you to feast your eyes on a big bowl of pastry pieces that packs a punch! 

Add a dash of milk and there you have it, a hearty helping of sausage inspired goodness to start off your day (the right way). 

Wall’s Pastry sausage roll cereal

Smooth as you like 

Another great April Fools’ ‘Off the Wall’s’ product, Wall’s Pastry teased the nation with its sweet yet savoury sausage roll smoothie. Based on its Jumbo Sausage Roll, meat lovers could join the liquid revolution with this innovative beverage.  

Making mealtimes even more convenient by combining the iconic sausage roll with one of the latest food fads, this is a product that was sure to turn heads.   

Wall’s Pastry sausage roll smoothie

Got a savoury tooth? 

One more product that seemed the most ‘Off the Wall’s’ out of them all, is the Scotch-egg flavoured custard. Designed from the classic Scotch Egg and turned into a universally loved dessert sauce, this lip-licking eggy-centered inspired treat was sure to raise the eyebrows of any snack-snaffling food lover.  

We’re not yolking! From finishing a family dinner to satisfying your savoury cravings even further, this invention was flavoured with the hearty notes of sausage meat and eggy deliciousness. This was the perfect accompaniment to pour over a hot apple crumble or a savoury meat pie.  

Wall’s Pastry scotch-egg custard

So, are ‘Off the Wall’s’ products here to stay? 

Although Wall’s Pastry’s innovative selection of new products got us Brits thinking up all sorts of curious concoctions, they sadly aren’t here to stay, and we were only playing with you this April Fools’.  

But which ‘Off the Wall’s’ invention would you have tried? Share your ‘Off the Wall’s’ favourites with your food loving friends and family. To join the conversation, visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

You can buy our full selection of Wall’s Pastry snacks from Asda, Tesco and convenience stores around the UK.      


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