The best back to school lunchbox snacks

14th September 2021

It’s that time of the year again; uniforms are being dusted off, pencils are being sharpened and shoes are being shined. Our youngsters are returning to school, full of beans and needing a boost of energy.   

We’ve put together the best savoury snacks to throw in their lunchboxes, throughout the week, which can also be stored in the fridge to save you from the last minute morning rush. 

 Energy boosting   

When the lunchtime slog hits a boost of energy is needed to get through the afternoon, these tasty treats are guaranteed to keep them going.  

  • You could even tickle their tastebuds with one of our Nacho Chili Cheese Slices. Simply add in carrot and cucumber sticks and a portion of fruit, for a filling lunch 

 Traditional favourites  

Choosing a range of options to fill their stomachs can be tough, but these traditional, classic hearty rolls are the ideal snack when 12 o’clock rolls around.   

  • These Snack Sausage Rolls are perfect for a lunchtime graze, simply add a homemade relish or chutney for the ultimate combo  
  • Our classic Cheese and Onion Roll is a great alternative for those who enjoy a veggie option – topped with a tangy tomato salsa to create a satisfying treat  

Filling big appetites 

Fulfilling your child’s appetite isn’t easy when they’re burning off all their energy in the playground, but we’ve got you covered with these filling snacks to get them through the day. 

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You can buy our selection of Walls snacks from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience stores around the UK.        

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