Time For… Some You Time!

27th July 2016

600Here at Wall’s we know just how stressful everyday life can be. We know just how good having those ‘five minutes’ of me time can be. And we know just how difficult getting that little bit of me time is! So, we wanted to do something about it and help people across the UK to make ‘Time For…’ themselves and that’s exactly what we did thanks to the Wall’s dome!
We hit the road with the sampling van and popped up at three venues across the UK where we gave surprised shoppers and workers the chance to enjoy some quality time, even if it was just for five minutes over lunch!

From a power nap or massage to an adrenaline rush thanks to the latest virtual reality head sets, the ‘Time For…’ dome gave people the chance to make time for exactly what makes them tick!

Our very own Mike Holton said: “We’ve become known as a nation that is ‘time poor’ with very few people finding the much-needed time they need each day for themselves.

300“Our ‘Time For…’ dome was designed to give shoppers those essential five minutes and escape the pressures of the hectic and often stressful day to day life with something that they need, even if they don’t know it.”

360 degree virtual reality headsets were also on offer for passersby who prefer a bit of ‘me time’ to come with an adrenaline rush. Activities, such as a sky dive, helicopter ride over Dubai, tour of the Eiffel Tower or a rollercoaster ride were just some of the most popular experiences chosen.

Mike added; “Thanks to the increasing trend in virtual reality we were able to make some people’s down-time a reality; people were great sports and the dome was certainly eye-catching!”


Why don’t you make time right now to sit back and watch our video?


keep up to date with wall’s pastry

keep up to date with wall’s pastry


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