Tips and tricks for keeping kids active and healthy at home

6th April 2020

It’s important to keep kids active whilst we are all staying at home and the best way is to create new and exciting ways to have fun both inside and in your outdoor spaces. 

We have plenty of tips and tricks to keeping children active this spring, from hide and seek around the house, to scavenger hunt or letting them get creative in the kitchen.  

Fun activities for kids  

Sports and activities are a great way for children to stay fit and healthy and can also improve their confidence and self-esteem. We have put together a list of our favourite indoor and outdoor activities, which don’t require a lot of time or money. If you have more ideas to share, we’d love to hear them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. 

  • Let your pencil do the talking with a game of Pictionary. Itwo teams, one person from each team must draw a picture and the other person has to try and guess what the word is before the other team. If you win, you get to choose one of your favourite snacks.  
  • Create a sensory scavenger hunt around the house and the back garden by hiding a variety of items in different locations and provide each person with a map to try and locate them all.  
  • Badminton-cricket can be played either outside or inside, you will need a shuttlecock and a table tennis bat. Two teams will take turns to bat and bowl and just like cricket, each person can score runs by hitting the shuttlecock as far as they can. 
  • The memory game involves collecting 10 or so household objects and putting them all on a tray – it could be a piece of Lego to a teacup. Anything at all. Give your child 30 seconds to look at all the objects on the tray and memorise as many of them as possible. Cover over the items with a tea towel and then give your child a point for every item they can recall. The points might turn into tasty prizes at the end of the game!  

Healthier meal swaps for spring  

Now you’ve worked up an appetite after your activities, it’s time for our favourite part of the day – the food.  

Whether it’s a veggie sausage roll, a hearty soup or a tasty fresh wrap, a healthier lunch can be easy and fun to make. We have a selection of light lunch ideas that only require a few steps and can be made in 20 minutes or less. 

  • Get the kids involved with these homemade pizza pitta faces, they can decorate the pizza with all their favourite toppings  
  • This creamy hummus dip with pitta bread is fun to make and makes a change from sandwiches. Add a banana and jelly pot to create a filling lunch  

Let us know how you like to keep active at home by joining the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! 

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