Yummy slices are ever so popular!

18th February 2017

Well, we’re a little bit happy with this latest bit of news hot off the press, as a recent survey has revealed our tasty Wall’s Pastry Slices are not only still proving a real hit in the supermarkets and shops, but in fact we are now even changing the way people eat!

That’s right, people are ditching the more traditional sandwich and crisps style lunch and instead are opting for our Slices, that we’ve always known are a more satisfying and fulfilling alternative.

We know everybody likes to be different so that’s why we’ve made sure we’ve kept a variety of different flavours in our range too. From the traditional and ever popular Steak Slice to our limited edition Tex Mex and Chicken & BBQ Slices, we like to think we have a bit of something for everyone.

Even better, with the cold February weather, our slices are just as tasty warmed up in either the oven or microwave. But don’t worry, if a hot lunch isn’t what you’re after, our Slices are equally as tasty straight out of the fridge.

So, be a part of Wall’s Pastry lunchtime phenomenon! Pop to the shops, pick up one of our many slices and tell us what you think as we love to hear your comments and delicious ways of eating our range of slices. You can either Tweet us @Walls_Pastry or leave us a message on the official Facebook page, Wall’s Pastry.

keep up to date with wall’s pastry

keep up to date with wall’s pastry


What Makes Us Wonderful?

Inside and Out!

At Wall’s, we’re famous for our pastry because we only use the best. Ours is layered 64 times. It’s a recipe which ensures the lightest, crispiest, golden puff pastry this side of anywhere.

It goes without saying that our pies, pasties and slices are made using the best quality meat and vegetables, with the finest ingredients being added to make our mouth-watering sauces. We’re proud to use only the best, great tasting meat and all our great tasting savouries are guaranteed to be free from all artificial colourings and flavourings.

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